Exponam.BIG developer tools

STOP. Did you receive a .BIG file and need to open it? Download the Exponam Explorer from the Windows Store.

The products on this page are part of the Exponam Suite for creating or accessing .BIG files. The Exponam Builder Application is a Windows application for users to create .BIG files. It is a wizard-driven tool which may be used for free with limited functionality. The JDBC Reader is a free driver for integration with analysis or query tools.

All remaining tools – APIs and CLIs are intended for developers’ use in adding Exponam .BIG functionality to their environments.

Exponam Reader tools are fully functional without a license. Exponam Builder products are functional without a license key in trial mode. The functionality is limited in size of file permitted, in encryption capability, and in Story File selection. For full functionality, please request a development license key. Contact Exponam for a license key.

NOTE. Please Contact Exponam for any required tools which you do not see listed below. If your organization does not permit downloads from the MS Windows store, please contact us for access to the Exponam Explorer.